National Geography Restructuring Initiative

National Geographic Launches State Geography Steward Program


The National Geographic Society is in the process of restructuring. They will be developing a regional approach. New York will be part of the Northeast Region, which stretches from Maine to Virginia. A Regional Director, appointed by NGS, will be in charge of geographic programming in that region. Each state will have a Steward to assist him/her. They are now taking applications for this position. If you are interested, please read below.  

The National Geographic Society launched the National Geographic State Geography Steward program on September 6. As you heard at NCGE 2017, we are looking for top academic geographers in each state to join a select group of experts who will work with National Geographic staff, Explorers, and others to collectively contribute to improving K-12 geography education in the United States.

. You can find additional information about the program here and interested candidates can apply for the positions here. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, October 18.